"easily venture into

and maximise your returns from the
play-to-earn metaverse..."

(without being a gamer or blockchain expert)

Why Blockchain Games?

Blockchain technology will bring a new industrial revolution to the gaming industry.

Games that are built on these new technologies are not only innovative but provide an opportunity for people all over the world to make money playing games they love.

They are relaxing, fun, and almost mindless.

Games like Minecraft or the Sims appeal to this kind of player who wants something very easy with a low skill ceiling but also unpredictable in terms of where they will end up. The games can take hours and people enjoy them because it is more immersive than watching TV on their couch.

Now combine that with earning potential.

Casual games and hardcore games are played for very different purposes.

Casual games by analogy, are played by those who 50 years ago would have been knitting or building model airplanes.

We’re not talking about in-game gold or tokens. We’re talking about real money that you can use to pay some of your bills.

Blockchain games let you convert your in-game gold to a crypto token, which can then be swapped to a more popular coin like Ethereum.

Obviously, none of this works if you don’t believe that Ethereum has any value, or will end up having no value.

But if you do, you really need to start looking at blockchain games and exploring ways to get started with them.

Our Core Team

Captain Aqua

Captain Aqua

Wesley is a professional event host and streamer. The only thing he loves more than playing games is to teach others how to play! He’s got the best personality around, easy going, fun-loving and always up for an adventure.

He has been hosting events since 2011 and has hosted many different types of events ranging from parties to conferences. He’s never at a loss for words when it comes to meeting new people or making sure they have a great time!

Crazy Salad

Crazy Salad

Felix is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the events industry. Before entering the events industry, he worked for investment banks, hedge funds, and also ran a consulting business in Dubai.

Felix has worked on many challenging projects that have come with great success, which he attributes to his tenacity for numbers, and perverse need for systems and processes. He is also secretly a degen crypto investor.

What we do

We work towards achieving our mission in a few tangible ways


Team Salad

We’re turning blockchain games into a serious business.

We’ve got a team for people of all levels, from casual gamers to hardcore strategists who form Team Salad.

Besides our proprietary accounts across different games managed solely by Captain Aqua, we also recruit talented players and pay them a monthly salary to play games!

We take 100% of the risks so our players are never exposed to the volatile cryptocurrency markets.


Our core team regularly produces training videos on YouTube to help ordinary people get started with blockchain gaming.

Some videos are more tactical and cover more strategies, but most of our videos are suitable for most people, regardless of their experience in crypto or blockchain gaming.

We also run private Zoom training sessions.


Putting Money To Work

It’s foolish to ignore the potential growth of blockchain games, but not everybody has the time, patience, or interest in playing games.

We’re launching a structure for crypto HODLers and FIAT investors to get some exposure to blockchain gaming, without playing a single game.


To Infinity & Beyond

We help anyone who wishes to be a blockchain gaming scholar build better profiles and find better managers.

Our Scholar Booster program helps scholars build better profiles, and gives managers the assurance when onboarding new scholars to their team.