Scholar Booster

In this new world of blockchain gaming, it is extremely difficult for managers to find the right scholars, and for the best scholars to stand out.

We have hired thousands of virtual assistants over the past 10 years, and have perfected the art of hiring the perfect remote team member.

We know how hiring managers think, and what they are looking for in a scholar.


Are you a new scholar looking to stand out in a crowded world of blockchain gaming?

Scholar Booster is the best way to get started. Our team will help you build your profile to make it more attractive to managers, even if you have no prior work or blockchain gaming experience. This will increase your likelihood of being hired by managers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have some work experience – we’ll make sure that managers find your profile MORE ATTRACTIVE than the other scholars!

Our core team will work closely with you to build your profile and list it on our Certified Scholars board. And there is no charge for this service!


Are you looking for a new scholar?

Scholar Booster is an online platform that helps scholars build out their profile and verify the information they provide.

It’s a great way to find the best available scholar right now, without all of the work. We make it easy for managers to hire someone who will be perfect for their team!

If you are looking for a new scholar, find the best on from our Certified Scholars board!

Our system makes it easier than ever to find your next scholar without having to go through long interviews or messages on Twitter or Discord about scholarship requests.

Our certification methodology

We have been working with virtual assistants for almost 10 years now, and we know how difficult it can be to find the right fit for both parties.

Traditional businesses tend to hire based on past experience, but finding someone for blockchain gaming is entirely different.

This is because blockchain gaming is a very new industry, and few people have the exact experience of playing a specific game.

This is why most of the posts you see on Twitter or Discord are simply “please hire me for your team”. Hiring managers can’t decide based on these posts, and amazing scholars are also unable to stand out because they cannot prove how well they will perform in the game they’re applying for.

When experience is lacking across the board, we found that intelligence and aptitude are key determinants of success when hiring a remote employee.

It’s not just about experience and expertise–it’s also about how intelligent a person can be in solving problems or coming up with solutions. Their personalities are also important because it tells you how they react to changing situations.

Our experience tells us that the best chance of success is for VAs to take a personality test and an IQ test. The results can then be used by managers to rank and compare different scholars in a scientific way.

As part of our Scholar Booster program, our team verifies every submission manually to confirm that the tests were completed and that the information provided by scholars is accurate.

We’ll then list the certified profiles on our website once the verification process is done.

We believe that this will help great scholars who are under the radar stand out and will overall build a stronger blockchain gaming community.

This certification process is completely FREE, and there is no way that scholars can influence our decisions once we start the certification process.

Certificates are issued at our sole discretion and only if we can verify with reasonable certainty that the information provided to us (such as test results) is accurate.