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$SALD: The Powerhouse of the Salad Ecosystem

Invest, Engage, Grow

Fueling Ecosystem Synergy

$SALD Token empowers Arcaden’s gaming, Apollo Academy’s learning, and more—staking enriches your experience across our ecosystem.

Amplify Your Impact

Stake $SALD for rewards, guide our ecosystem through Snapshot votes, and partake in the growth of Arcaden, Apollo Academy, and future Salad projects.


Your Key to the Web3.0 Gateway

Discover $SALD, the cornerstone of the Salad Ecosystem, crafted to enrich every interaction. Designed for the forward-thinking participant, $SALD goes beyond mere currency, intertwining with Arcaden’s immersive gaming, Apollo Academy’s educational offerings, and Maslow’s networking platform to create a comprehensive Web3.0 experience.

Through staking, trading, or voting, $SALD amplifies your role within our vibrant community, allowing you to stake a claim in the evolving digital economy and make impactful decisions. It’s more than a token—it’s a ticket to a world of opportunity and innovation.

Where to Trade $SALD

Explore the various platforms where $SALD is available for trading: Bybit, MEXC, Bitget, XT.com, and Uniswap for the ETH chain. 

Token Contracts

Review our token contracts on Ethereum and Polygon to understand the technical foundation of $SALD.

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Stake your $SALD tokens to contribute to the stability of the Salad ecosystem and earn rewards of over 300% APY.

Early Investors
$SALD is Backed by the Best

Confidence in $SALD Token is bolstered by the support of leading investors in the blockchain and tech industries.

These partnerships reflect a shared vision for the future of Web3.0 and an endorsement of the Salad Ecosystem’s potential.

Our investors aren’t just financial backers; they’re believers in our mission to revolutionize digital interaction and economy.

Their expertise and guidance help steer Salad towards innovative horizons, ensuring that your investment in $SALD is supported by a foundation of trust and excellence.